Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Not so Smart

So turns out not so smart as things go !!

So this is like a chic-blog ! You wanna get inside the confused mind of a girl/women - youll find your answers here...
Have been meaning to do this for some time (a few years) and finally got down to it today -
So this will be lika dairy - out there, heart felt : no holds barred...but with a specific objective which is to anchor myself in life (high time wd be mom's reaction)

So im going to right thru this not so easy phase (did say ill call a spade a spade) and Ill try and do it as regularly as possible !!

So now that the objective and the task is set (like a smart girl with goals) lets start !

So sometimes in the last  couple of years and I am going to hit the big O soon : I have been thinking that maybe I havent been as smart as i thought i was. Have always been ultra clear about what I want or more accurately what I dont : but in the last year os so ive been thinking - did I get it right or missed the point of life ?
Did i make the right choices or was it stupid and frankly (now that ive given my word for a no-holds barred) recently have started believing the latter more and more inwardly - but if anyone has to have a discussion can support all my choices, justified and win on the reasons why what I did was the smart thing and what I wanted...but a few knocks and life has a way of making you think.

So well - lets just say, if I didnt make the choices that I did, I wont have what I do - but if i made different choices I might have had what I dont ! And right now - I really want what I dont have .
Which is an anchor : so whats the anchor : well 1 man and a family of my own, and to be honest a lot of things that I never wanted when I was younger - infact was clear I did not..
But now I feel ready  to be with one person and make it work. Infact I think its quite a beautiful prospect...but unfortunately its something thats dodging me ..

yeah yeah - Its about a man (did warn this was a chic blog !)

So NO : im not looking for a man !! Thankfully have one that i love, and who loves me : now for 5 years almost !! Just now want to be married : and guess what : he wants it to - but doesnt do anything about it to make it happen.
So thats the crux - to de-tangle confusion in my mind and find my way !!
And then there is the rest of it : you know finding more success at work - and frankly I do quite well professionaly - but a bot of a stagnant spot these days so I have to find my way thru that !!
And lose weight !! lots of it : look hot too - but so much hotter if I lost more !!

SO great : have a good feeling about this !! Wish me luck - will be good and bad days but more good I hope and making my wishes come true - cant be so tough, now can it....DId call myself a smart girl - and surely she make what she wants happen !! At the very least ---

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  1. Congrats to be a member of blogger. U r having fabulous writing skills. Ur 1st post itself is an live example of this. Keep on writing !