Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Four Week Countdown


So im still on it but have been off the wagon.
Week 1 from 2nd to 7th was perfect - I got into the rhythm and was on my goal of 1 kg by end of the week.

Then went to mumbai and Pune from 7th to the 10th and then did TKs brunch on the 11th...
So where are we now - I have to say, that while im scared to weigh myself Im back to square 1.

So here's what hapenned - lets analyse.
In watching every day for the first week and lose 1 kg as planned.
Next week in mumbai : breakfast is a weakness so I do the whole hog - Dosa's a couple, eggs, bacon, juice, fruits. but still manage by lunch and dinners
Then Pune happens and flight - here is where I lose track a bit.
And then get invited for TKs - where I lose it completely and despite not having breakfast or dinner that day - Im still up.

Net effect : 74.1 goes down to 73.2 by the 7th
From teh 7th to the 10th : I track to keep it at 73.2 - 73.5 and then on sunday I get back to where I was.

So net effect two weeks of work and im at the same place.
Today is 14th and my goal till the 15th was 72.1 and now ill be happy if im back to 73.1.

And some more excellent news I have to travel again on 15th for 3 days to Mumbai / Pune...Heaven help me now !!

If i dont get it right when i travel there is no point.

Even if something is amazing or free it doesnt mean that I need to have it all. I have to be responsible for my goal if i really want to get into the tt outfit.

Plus now as I get older I have to watch my health..

15th : 73.5
22nd : 72
21st : 71

Monday, 5 September 2011

Four Week Countdown

4th September, 2011

So im still on it - Im proud to say.

Ive done my own calculations and worked out my own plan basis what I need and what I want.
I have the B/f, Lunch, dinner and even two inbetweens right on track, its just that havent been able to nix the nightly cravings. Plus I havent tested my resistance much - as I havent travelled, eated out much since I started in Thursday.

But the good news is that Yesterday which was mid- first week I was down to 73.6, which is half a kg.

My plan is  to be down between 0.75 to 1 kg every week, and I want to only plan to do that because alll my silly plans of losimg two kgs evry 5/7 days have not worked infact im exactly where I started.
The only thing I need to be aware of and keep in mind is that it will take one day to spoil it - maybe even one of the kind of meals I have with some friends, or one travel trip, or one binge spree...

But i have to keep at it and make sure I get to my goals which are :

October 3rd     : 70 - 71
November 3rd : 67 - 68
December 3rd : 64 - 65

And this year on my birthday the long held dream of 28 " levi's is going to happen (actually its 26 but new leaf is about being practical !!)

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Four Week Countdown Diet

Ummm - its difficult to say the diet word again, because no one takes me seriously.
But I do - and I havent given up yet.

So here are the goals - and this time Im keeping realistic goals..

Starting Point : 2nd September, 2011 : 74.1
Will do this in 3 steps
Upto 2nd October, 2011 : 71
Upto 2nd November, 2011 : 68
Upto 2nd December, 2011 : 65

Im following the 4 week countdown and today was Day 1.

So it all started really well, with the right amount of water in the morning, breakfast and the mid morning snack and the lunch. Its after lunch : that I cheated - 3 portions of home made namkeen. I really didnt need this and then one icecream that sis-in-law got for me.
Now to make up for it my dinner will be veggies and 1 roti and curd.

But the notings and then analysing is a good way to see what I think I do and what I really do...     

So when the break hap the first time - I was angry as i was waiting for something and it wasnt happening and I gave way to the urge without thinking, Next time I shd breathe deeply and think.
And second again - when Kits got the icecream - I just had it, thinking that I have no other choice.

I dont know how to say NO and will power is negligible. I need to say NO.

Remember - next time - count to 10 and ask do you really want to have this ?? If Im dying without it then fine - else best to resisit temptation. And my weak time - ie bed time is still left - Let see how I do,