Friday, 2 September 2011

The Four Week Countdown Diet

Ummm - its difficult to say the diet word again, because no one takes me seriously.
But I do - and I havent given up yet.

So here are the goals - and this time Im keeping realistic goals..

Starting Point : 2nd September, 2011 : 74.1
Will do this in 3 steps
Upto 2nd October, 2011 : 71
Upto 2nd November, 2011 : 68
Upto 2nd December, 2011 : 65

Im following the 4 week countdown and today was Day 1.

So it all started really well, with the right amount of water in the morning, breakfast and the mid morning snack and the lunch. Its after lunch : that I cheated - 3 portions of home made namkeen. I really didnt need this and then one icecream that sis-in-law got for me.
Now to make up for it my dinner will be veggies and 1 roti and curd.

But the notings and then analysing is a good way to see what I think I do and what I really do...     

So when the break hap the first time - I was angry as i was waiting for something and it wasnt happening and I gave way to the urge without thinking, Next time I shd breathe deeply and think.
And second again - when Kits got the icecream - I just had it, thinking that I have no other choice.

I dont know how to say NO and will power is negligible. I need to say NO.

Remember - next time - count to 10 and ask do you really want to have this ?? If Im dying without it then fine - else best to resisit temptation. And my weak time - ie bed time is still left - Let see how I do,

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