Monday, 5 September 2011

Four Week Countdown

4th September, 2011

So im still on it - Im proud to say.

Ive done my own calculations and worked out my own plan basis what I need and what I want.
I have the B/f, Lunch, dinner and even two inbetweens right on track, its just that havent been able to nix the nightly cravings. Plus I havent tested my resistance much - as I havent travelled, eated out much since I started in Thursday.

But the good news is that Yesterday which was mid- first week I was down to 73.6, which is half a kg.

My plan is  to be down between 0.75 to 1 kg every week, and I want to only plan to do that because alll my silly plans of losimg two kgs evry 5/7 days have not worked infact im exactly where I started.
The only thing I need to be aware of and keep in mind is that it will take one day to spoil it - maybe even one of the kind of meals I have with some friends, or one travel trip, or one binge spree...

But i have to keep at it and make sure I get to my goals which are :

October 3rd     : 70 - 71
November 3rd : 67 - 68
December 3rd : 64 - 65

And this year on my birthday the long held dream of 28 " levi's is going to happen (actually its 26 but new leaf is about being practical !!)

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