Friday, 1 April 2011

Love story

So this morning I read about the Willaim and Kate turmultous love story and felt motivated - I have hope still.

So they met like 7-8 years ago ( im really not a great fan and cant get the fuss - so a bit fuzzy about details )..he apparently sees her walking the ramp - and having a prince interested in you has to be something else - so she reciprocates.
And then starts a long series of its on and its off...
But guess what - everytime its off- its because HIS HIGNESS is with someone else !!
So she waits - not like a couch potato, like some people I know - but toning herself and partyinga round - but waiting nonetheless.
So she waits and waits while her prince charming is working his charms off on other people ...and well finally gets that she is the one for him...and 7-8 years later BANG comes the proposal !!

So is that a SmartGirl ?
If you asked me a few years ago - Id say loser. How can she forgive him and get back when he clearly cheated on her. A smart girl wouldnt wait - would give it off and never see him again. And find some other man (not a prince though) to charm her and settle in obscure hapiness.

But now Im thinking - hey thats not Smart !! Guess who it doesnt work for - HERSELF !!

So the smartgirl - while really waiting - sends the right signals out !! See im so hot and you dont know what youre missing - still is never seen with anyone specific person anyone can say she is with - and lo behold a few flings later Prince is back/
She's having a dream wedding of the Decade if you please..looking extremely happy and guess what has bagged her MAN..
Now thats smart !!
So what if you are with someone who broke your heart, was not sure about you, dated multiple women after you...but he's back now and you have your whole life ahead !! And he loves you or maybe not - time will tell, and frankly me dear - Who gives a damn !!

Its the lot of this stock i guess - hang around while the guy makes all the mistakes, look the other way when he is doing things he shouldnt, forgive him if he hurts you - because guess what - he's always coming back to you.

But like I said - im having thoughts that I havent got it right !! This is the smartgirl way - if you want to be married (pls note lack of using the word HAPPILY) you just wait for your man to grow up, because when he does - he will come back to his true love - till then let him have a helluva good time !!

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